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Copyright © 2012 Ludovic Courtès <>

Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.

* integrate needed Nix code

Guix uses Nix’s daemon (‘nix-worker’, later renamed to ‘nix-daemon’) to
actually perform builds, scheduling, substitution of pre-built binaries,
and GC-related tasks. The daemon mainly uses ‘libstore’ from Nix.
Integrating it in Guix itself will make Guix self-contained, thereby
simplifying our users’ lives.

* infrastructure

** have a Hydra instance build Guix packages

[[][Hydra]] is a continuous integration tool based on Nix. It now has
[[][Guile/Guix support]], which allows “build recipes” written in Guile using
Guix to be used directly on Hydra.

For a start, we may use the instance at, generously
provided by TU Delft. However, in the future, we may want to setup our
own instance at

* extend <origin>
** add OpenPGP signatures:

(method http-fetch)
(uri "http://.../foo.tgz")
(signature-uri (string-append uri ".sig"))
(signer-openpgp-fingerprint "..."))

** allow <origin> to be a derivation/package or a file

* extend <package>

** add support for ‘search-paths’

This should be passed to the build system, to extend package-specific
search path environment variables–like ‘GUILE_LOAD_PATH’, ‘PERL5LIB’,

** add a ‘user-environment-hook’

This should specify builder code to be run when building a user
environment with ‘guix-package’. For instance, Texinfo’s hook would
create a new ‘dir’.

* support cross-compilation

Implement ‘package-cross-derivation’, and add the corresponding code in
‘gnu-build-system’. Then, actually bootstrap a cross-compilation
environment–e.g., a cross-GNU environment.

* gnu-build-system: produce a ‘debug’ derivation

Set a .gnu_debuglink in the main derivations to point to the sibling
file name (only the basename, to not retain a dependency on the ‘debug’

For /nix/store/xyz-foobar/bin/foo, we should have
/nix/store/abc-foobar-debug/lib/nix/store/xyz-foobar/bin/foo.debug (info
"(gdb) Separate Debug Files").

Users should have a default GDB setting with ~/.guix-profile/lib/debug
as their ‘debug-file-directory’.

* build-expression->derivation: define `%system' in the builder

Would allow build expressions to have system-dependent code, like

* add ‘allowed-references’ in <package>

[[file:~/src/nix/src/libstore/"allowedReferences")%20!%3D%20drv.env.end())%20{][See how Nix implements that internally]].

* union

Support sophisticated collision handling when building a union: check
whether the colliding files are identical, honor per-package priorities,

* guix-package

** add ‘--roll-back’
** add ‘--list-generations’, and ‘--delete-generations’
** add ‘--upgrade’
** add ‘--list-installed’ and ‘--list-available’
** add ‘--search’

* guix build utils
** Add equivalent to "rm -rf"
** Add equivalent to Nixpkgs's ‘wrapProgram’
** Add equivalent to chrpath, possibly using [[][guile-dlhacks]]

* distro
** choose a name! (Jinn?)
** port to new GNU/Linux platforms, notably ‘mipsel64-linux’
** port to GNU/Hurd, aka. ‘i686-gnu’

Problems include that current glibc releases do not build on GNU/Hurd.
In addition, there haven’t been stable releases of GNU Mach, MiG, and
Hurd, which would be a pre-condition.

** make a bootable GNU/Linux-Libre distro, with OS configuration EDSL

Similar in spirit to /etc/nixos/configuration.nix.