134 Commits (c594b866b37fc38d33a87395ca8b1ef7615e2702)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Roel Janssen c594b866b3 Cleaner patch file. 4 years ago
  Roel Janssen 1f1521af21 A working version for Sambamba. 4 years ago
  Roel Janssen 91f6f758f4 Latest Sambamba. Link failure. 4 years ago
  Roel Janssen 609d1a24c9 Breaks on linking in the final stages. 4 years ago
  Roel Janssen 6c2c0499e8 Using my own fork of the Sambamba repository. 4 years ago
  Roel Janssen 9aea3e8744 Made it 'guix lint'-proof. 4 years ago
  Roel Janssen 10e42d4dd2 Further rdmd refinements. 4 years ago
  Roel Janssen 840ff7f96e Synchronise with upstream. 4 years ago
  Roel Janssen 03ebb3b1a3 Made rdmd-specific package from the tools repository. 4 years ago
  pjotrp 520b002306 Missing module reference 4 years ago
  pjotrp 96706fd977 Moving genenetwork stuff into its own module 4 years ago
  pjotrp a51087788c Merge branch 'master' of github.com:genenetwork/guix-bioinformatics 4 years ago
  pjotrp 2933faad12 * gn/bioinformatics.scm: Sambamba using git checkout and compiles with Makefile.guix 4 years ago
  pjotrp 092c0c3a4a conflict resolved 4 years ago
  pjotrp 1574a0e047 Removed non-compiling packages 4 years ago
  pjotrp 8511f45548 Merge branch 'gn2' 4 years ago
  pjotrp dfb6859565 pylmm: Patch wrapper script so it points to the correct locations. 4 years ago
  pjotrp dd74ba8cd3 Adding pylmm to gn2 4 years ago
  pjotrp e472db7bd9 Added package for pylmm 4 years ago
  Pjotr Prins 6f755a05f0 Merge pull request #2 from roelj/master 4 years ago
  Roel Janssen 5dbfda7d08 Fix migration inconsistencies. 4 years ago
  Roel Janssen 6d23ddccfc Merge with upstream 4 years ago
  Roel Janssen 8d7549806c Fix for compilation. 4 years ago
  Roel Janssen c5f83ff606 Added rdmd. 4 years ago
  pjotrp eb3d652afc Merge branch 'master' of github.com:genenetwork/guix-bioinformatics 5 years ago
  pjotrp a2f82c1dd3 gn2 5 years ago
  Pjotr Prins 2ce931a4c5 Merge pull request #1 from roelj/master 5 years ago
  Roel Janssen be845af4f8 Added incomplete versions of FastQC and Picard. 5 years ago
  Roel Janssen b3145ffd29 Some more progress on Sambamba package. 5 years ago
  Roel Janssen 60a90630fc Added a work-in-progress version of Sambamba. 5 years ago
  pjotrp d39fc4892d plink-ng has GPL3 5 years ago
  pjotrp 67c1b0bcdd Added git version of plink-ng 5 years ago
  pjotrp 69080d4117 plink2 installs with patched Makefile 5 years ago
  pjotrp 949a3b4062 Adding plink 5 years ago
  pjotrp 710fc435fa Added gemma package 5 years ago
  pjotrp 04419a9ff0 GN dependency 5 years ago
  pjotrp a845a58dfe Add python-parallel 5 years ago
  pjotrp 1e17bd966f More packages 5 years ago
  pjotrp 308bc003b2 Settled on the GN version of htmlgen 5 years ago
  pjotrp e1e1e6c0c9 htmlgen 5 years ago
  pjotrp ba5ce4d3e7 works 5 years ago
  pjotrp f318a29598 htmlgen 5 years ago
  pjotrp 50ac7ca9fb Fix name of patch 5 years ago
  pjotrp 88b994317f Remove old patch 5 years ago
  pjotrp 9df0c18b57 python2-htmlgen patches 5 years ago
  pjotrp ec66c7f185 Started on python2-htmlgen 5 years ago
  pjotrp df5f7651f9 GN2: adding packages 5 years ago
  pjotrp 0cf7d98524 Started on JRuby 5 years ago
  pjotrp c137c8f58c GN: add remark 5 years ago
  Pjotr Prins 9820b5e5cc Fixed SHA 5 years ago