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http://biogems.info/ tracks interesting Ruby gems for bioinformatics.

The following information describes the steps to getting your biogem registered on biogems.info. If you are looking to generate the biogems.info website instead: read INSTALL.md!

To get your gem listed, simply create a gem named ‘bio-mygem’, i.e. start the name with bio dash, and push it onto rubygems.org. You can use the biogem tool to create the plumbing, if you like. If you wish to name your gem differently, or host the gem elsewhere, it can still be listed. Either add a project description to /etc/biogems/name.yaml, or add an issue to the github tracker at https://git.thebird.nl/free/biogems.info/issues

Displayed gem information

The settings displayed, on biogems.info, are the ones you specify in your gem. In particular

gem.name = "bio-gem"
gem.homepage = "http://github.com/helios/bioruby-gem"
gem.license = "MIT"
gem.summary = %Q{BioGem helps Bioinformaticians start developing plugins/modules for BioRuby creating a scaffold and a gem package}
gem.description = %Q{BioGem is a scaffold generator for those
  ... } 
gem.email = "ilpuccio.febo@gmail.com"
gem.authors = ["Raoul J.P. Bonnal"]

This is the information pushed to http://rubygems.org/ when releasing a gem. biogems.info harvests this information, with the download statistics.

= Additional settings

Information, not available through gems, is captured through overriding settings. These are stored in this source repository, under ./etc/biogems/. These files add information, such as doi references, and the status of a gem (core, stable, test), but also potentially override gem settings, such as the summary field(!)

For example in ./etc/biogems/bio.yaml

# Additional BioRuby settings
:doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btq475
:status: core
:source_code_uri: https://github.com/bioruby/bioruby

It is also possible the overriding gemname.yaml is in your github repository(!) Just tell us where it resides through https://git.thebird.nl/free/biogems.info/issues

Website source

This repository on github contains the source code for the http://biogems.info/ website.

Biogems.info is an initiative by the BioRuby developers Copyright (C) 2011-2019 Pjotr Prins pjotr.prins@thebird.nl