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INSTALL uses haml + sass to generate a website.

The site generation consists of a number of separate steps which can easily be tested independently.


The static website is generated with middleman. It takes SASS, HAML and YAML files as inputs. I may take out the middleman at some point, but now it is convenient enough.

To avoid rvm+bundler hell, the preferred route is to use GNU Guix and set the environment with my ruby-guix-env script. E.g.

    guix install ruby rake ruby-nokogiri 
    . ruby-guix-env
    gem install bundler
    cd # source dir

You need to install bundler which is needed for middleman.

A ‘quick’ test run

rake -- --test

Generating the website

Fetch biogems from

The first step is to fetch relevant gems from This is done with


run a quicker test with

./bin/fetch-gemlist.rb --test > data/gemlist_biogems.yaml

To fetch rubygems (non-bio)

./bin/fetch-gemlist.rb --rubygems > data/gemlist_rubygems.yaml

Expand rubygems info

In the second step use the YAML output from the first step to expand package information

   ./bin/fetch-geminfo.rb < list.yaml


   ./bin/fetch-geminfo.rb < data/gemlist_biogems.yaml >data/geminfo_biogems.yaml

Fetch github info

In the third step fetch github information and run with the GITHUB TOKEN

env GITHUB_API_TOKEN="3b3955c1b672d0c4a7" ./bin/fetch-githubinfo.rb < data/geminfo_biogems.yaml > data/biogems.yaml

Fetch biolinux and Debian bio-med info

    ./scripts/ > data/biolinux.yaml

Test the website

Simple run middleman to build and view the website

bundle exec middleman build
bundle exec middleman


If you get an error

./bin/fetch-geminfo.rb:163:in block in <main>': undefined method authors’

run the script with ‘bundle exec’ prepended.

GitHub API access limits

Without using authentication, the GitHub API allows only 60 requests per hour from a single IP address. But during the data collection phase of generating the website, the script currently needs to make around 200 requests to this API to fetch the number of issues and stargazers for each gem.

To get around this, go to the applications tab on your GitHub settings page and generate a new “Personal API access token”. Then copy that token (but not into the repository!), and before running the ./ script, set the GITHUB_API_TOKEN environment variable like this:

export GITHUB_API_TOKEN="copy-here-the-token-string-from-github"

That lets the script make 5000 requests per hour, which should be more then enough.